About Bowery Ave.

The Story

Bowery Ave. was started by necessity with a baby on the way in our Tribeca apartment during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. When the world stopped, so did all of our other businesses. We spent countless hours building a way to help other brands like ours that were forced to slow down.

As a result, Bowery has become a platform for brands to introduce their products to our audience, and give our audience a chance to discover products that they may not have ever seen without Bowery, at a limited-time discount.

Fast-forward two years, we have had the privilege of introducing hundreds of brands to our audience and helping thousands of customers find new gifts and ways to bring joy to their own lives. And by having grown our audience by 20x since launch, we are able to continue offering exclusive prices on new brands and products.

Here's to [normal] times,

Team Bowery


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You can't beat finding something you love at a great price and getting it delivered for free.

Price Guarantee

It is unlikely that you will find an identical item for a lower price, but if you do, we will match that price.

Save up to 75%

Despite the fact that the brands we feature are worth paying full price for, you deserve a great discount.

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