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Good product

Overall a good clay based non-polymer hair product. I've been trying out multiple products from various companies and this one is the least greasy. Sometimes this pomade leaves some flaky pieces in the hair (I'm guessing the clay?), but can easily be fixed by applying some water and massaging the hair a bit to smooth it out.

Needs finishing touch

I received my original order with a misfitting cork (too small) and rough inside the base of the neck/opening. Bowery Ave replaced it with another flask-cork was fitting well but the inside was still rough. Quality control needs attention. But the flask was handsome to took at.

Jacob Bromwell Model One Flask

The flask represents quality vintage history before the turn of the 20th century. Sophisticated in style and made from copper- has a smooth surface with an ornate top along with a cork stopper.
I will enjoy my flask for many years.

Terrible Fit

Very disappointed in the fit of these shorts. I’m not overweight or disproportionately built. They bind in the crotch are and are extremely uncomfortable. The rise and saddle are too short. I would not recommend purchasing these shorts.

Fox & Robin 7" Everyday Workout Short

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner

Great for summer

Liked the color, quality is very good. I recommend it to all

Leather toiletry bag -good to go!

The bag is capacious enough for a long trip.
It is attractive, durable, well made, and very reasonably priced for its quality.
I bought two!

The watch is fabulous, I wear a different watch each day and I truly admire mu new Morphic.

See my comments above…..keep up your fine work….stay safe and sound.

Great Shirt

Love the shirt!!!

Great hair clay !

I really like this clay it leaves a great texture on your hair, You can style your hair which ever way you like. It doesn’t leave a sticky or dry look after you brush it. It’s my favorite so far. Highly recommend it!

Sleep gummies

Did not work for me unfortunately

Not for purists

Sorry to say, neither one tasted anything like their respective spirits. My regular cocktails are pretty simple: scotch or whiskey on the rocks or a dry Rob Roy or a dry Gin martini. Unfortunately, while these may be substitute spirits for more complex concoctions, they do not taste at all like whiskey or gin.

Excellent NA beers!

I particularly liked the two IPAs, the dark and amber beers were also very good.
The golden was good, but fairly common when compared to all the other golden NAs out there.

Have not tried the rum alternative yet. The whiskey alternative I find a bit too peppery, but satisfying. The tequila alternative is good in a mix drink - but not by itself.

What a statement piece.

Well crafted.

Jacob Bromwell Model One Flask

This is the best flask I have ever had. Best quality and the history of when and how it was made makes it such a conversation piece. I have forwarded information to all that have asked me how to get one for themselves.

SHIELD : Stainless Steel Chainmail Charging Cable
Janel J.
Would buy again

Have had this cable for a while now - and I would say it's something I would buy again either for myself or as a gift.

Love it but would make minor changes

Love the layout and intention of this journal, but the spine of mine fell apart and all the pages fell out. I contacted five-minute journal and they said they had some batches that were doing this and sent a replacement. The replacement has not had any issues. Although I do wish it was a little softer outside so it could lay flat.

Ekster Cardholder

Great website! Easy to use and very straightforward. Bought the wallet for a big discount and was very pleased with the purchase. 10/10 would recommend this website!

Great Wallet

I bought this wallet when ordering my iPhone 12 Pro and have been very happy with it. I keep two credit cards, my drivers license and car registration in it and don’t carry another wallet anymore….Two things to know: You have to take the wallet off to charge the phone wirelessly and the wallet is not a searchable device/item on My Find. If neither bothers you, I’d recommend it!

Monogrammed RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet
Joni H.
Beautiful Personalized Leather Wallet

Wonderful Gift idea!

Leather Sleeve Insulated Glass Water Bottle
Briscoe S.
Great bottle

The leather sleeve works well to protect the glass from drop impact.

Voyager Personalized Hyper Pure Ceramic Flask

it the best I've used so far

Foldies Polarized Folding Remix
Sunil V.
Well made and fit good

I love folding sunglasses! They are so convenient to carry around. But after numerous cheaper options from Amazon, I almost gave up on them. They would either be too small or break easily. These are great! Fit well (not too small) and are well made of sturdy materials.