Gaggia Magenta Prestige Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Gaggia Magenta Prestige super-automatic espresso machine is your chance to tap into the spirit of your inner barista. An easy to read full color display presents 12 specialty drinks, customizable on the fly. An integrated milk carafe delivers coffee specialties in one touch, and can be removed for storage in the refrigerator.


Sleek and modern, the Magenta Prestige ushers in a new era of super-automatic espresso machines from Gaggia. Equipped with a convenient one-touch milk carafe, a vivid color display, and capacitive touch controls, the Magenta Prestige makes it easier than ever to craft café favorites like cappuccinos, flat whites, and Americanos at home. Robust customization options allow you to further refine your drinks to your exact specifications.

Features & Performance
The Gaggia Magenta Prestige offers the best of Gaggia’s beverage programming. Following the example set by the Cadorna series, the Magenta allows you to fully customize each drink on the menu, setting your desired temperature, brew strength (or pre-ground coffee), and volume for all coffee drinks, as well as your desired quantity of milk when applicable. In step with modern tastes, the full drink menu offers a total 12 selections including: ristretto (x2), espresso (x2), espresso lungo (x2), coffee (x2), americano, cappuccino, café au lait, café cortado, frothed milk, flat white, latte macchiato, and hot water.

To customize a drink to your tastes, simply select it from the menu and make your desired changes. All 12 of the drink options can be found on the home menu with crisp full color icons of each drink. Any time you alter the settings for a drink, you’ll be prompted to save your changes at the end of the brew cycle. In order to accommodate such a wide variety of drink options, Gaggia outfitted the Magenta with a high quality steel cup riser that can be seated on the drip tray for taller cups or locked into the front of the machine to elevate your cup closer to the spouts to prevent splashing. The drip tray cover itself is a quality piece of fitted steel that secures magnetically for a more premium fit and finish.

The star of the show for the Magenta Prestige is of course the auto-frothing carafe. Locking into the front of the machine, the froths and dispenses milk automatically when preparing a milk drink. After brewing, the quick clean feature allows you to rinse the carafe before next use, and a deep clean function can be accessed from within the Magenta’s menu. When not in use, you can store the carafe in the refrigerator and insert the included water spout attachment in its place. Perhaps most impressive of all, the programming logic will vary the order in which coffee or milk is dispensed for each drink, with milk first for cappuccinos and latte macchiatos, and coffee first for the café au lait, cortado, and flat white.

Why You Should Get It
The Magenta Prestige is the perfect machine for a smaller number of users who still drink a wide variety of beverages, offering compelling choices like the true Americano which adds hot water to freshly brewed espresso at the push of a button. The one-touch carafe makes it easier than ever to produce varied and delicious and authentic milk drinks with minimal effort and cleanup. A step in a modern direction for Gaggia, the striking red trim, full color display, and capacitive buttons have the Magenta Prestige looking better than ever and certain to wow guests with its Italian design.

12 Beverage Menu
With the Magenta Prestige, users are able to fully customize every drink on the menu by setting desired temperature, brew strength, and volume for any and all coffee drinks. There’s also an option to use pre-ground coffee when the need arises. In total, users have twelve beverages to choose from: ristretto (x2), espresso (x2), espresso lungo (x2), coffee (x2), americano, cappuccino, cafe au lait, cafe cortado, frothed milk, flat white, latte macchiato, and hot water.

Auto-Frothing Carafe
The star of the Magenta Prestige has to be the auto-frothing carafe that locks into the front of the machine, frothing and dispensing milk automatically when the beverage calls for it. When not using the carafe, simply take it off the machine and store in the refrigerator.

Ceramic Burr Grinder for Whole Bean Espresso
When it comes to super-automatics in general, one of their best features has to be the built-in grinders. And the Magenta Prestige is no different, coming with a flat ceramic burr grinder that will grind even and consistent coffee. Just load up your favorite whole beans and let it to the rest.

One-Touch Milk Beverages
The Magenta Prestige produces four distinct milk specialties at the touch of a button. Each drink has a unique recipe, with coffee and milk dispensation varying per drink. Not to mention, the ever-favorite flat whites are prepared with two consecutive shots of espresso.

Full Color Display
Give your home café a colorful update! The Magenta Prestige’s crisp icon based navigation makes brewing fun and easy. A mix of plain text, color, and icons make additional programming easy to follow so that all your attention can go to your coffee, where it belongs.

On the Fly Programming
Making changes to your favorite drinks has never been easier. Any time you brew a drink you have the opportunity to change settings to your liking and then save them for next time.

Variable Cup Riser
Users can also adjust the machine to fit various cup sizes. A high quality steel cup riser can be placed on the drip tray to accommodate for taller cups, or be locked into the machine’s front to elevate small cups closer to the spouts, to prevent splashing and drips.

The Magenta Prestige is a sleek, high-performing super-automatic espresso machine. And yet, it still comes in at fourteen inches high and nearly nine inches wide. Meaning that the Magenta Prestige can fit easily into your life all while providing cafe-quality espresso drinks.

Gaggia products have been trusted by Italian espresso aficionados, the most discerning in the world, for nearly a century. With a time-tested reputation for quality, meticulous attention to detail, and an unparalleled commitment to tradition, Gaggia is the clear choice for homes and businesses alike.

Once you've joined the Gaggia family, you’ll discover what long-time followers have always known; we are here when you need us. All new Gaggia espresso machines and grinders are covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty. Should you require replacement parts, repair or refurbishment services, please reach out to our customer service representatives at 888.389.4123 or at We are available to assist you Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

It was a technological innovation in the form of the world’s first pump-driven espresso machine that lead to the creation of Gaggia, s.p.a. Throughout the years, Gaggia has introduced the home espresso machine and earned its place as Italy’s #1 espresso machine manufacturer. With a curated line of semi-automatic, super-automatic, single-serve machines, and coffee grinders, inspired technology continues to be an essential component of the Gaggia DNA.

Gaggia got its start making commercial pump-driven espresso machines. When the company expanded its line of products to include machines for the home, Gaggia stuck to its commercial roots, never wavering in their commitment to high-end materials and top-notch build quality. The result: performance-driven espresso machines that yield consistent, professional-quality drinks.

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