Wraptie Revolutionary Fastening Strap System - Six Pack

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Nearly the entire premise behind Wraptie is Velcro. Each strap consists of alternating lengths of black webbing and double-sided Velcro (hook/rough on one side, loop/soft on the other).

I say “nearly” the entire premise because Wraptie also adds the biggest benefit bungee cords offer: stretchability. The webbing between each Velcro pad stretches, adding length when you need it and making it easier to line up the Velcro pads when securing (more on that below).

Each strap is rated to hold 50 kilograms (~110 pounds) without snapping and has two different ends. On one end is a fixed loop, ideal for feeding the strap through to secure to a truck bed anchor or daisy chain. The other end is multipurpose — it serves as a terminus end or second loop, or it can be un-Velcroed and used to attach another Wraptie.

The Wraptie classic strap six-pack bundle comes with two 4-foot straps, two 6-foot straps and two 8-foot straps making this kit perfect for securing everything from kayaks to wood bundles and everything in-between. The unique and proprietary design is super-fast, convenient, and safe to use.

  • Bundle includes (2) 4-foot straps, (2) 6-foot straps, (2) 8-foot straps and a carrying bag
  • Available in Orange or Black
  • Multi-function straps so you always have the right one for the job
  • Quicker than a bungee ~ As secure as a tie down
  • Doesn't scratch and NEVER comes loose
  • Unique design, infinite adjustment and zero loosening ~ secure in seconds
  • Infinite Uses– Limited by your imagination
  • Premium quality with recycled materials
  • Proven in the rugged Australian outback
  • Wraptie will not damage your gear or car like hooks or buckles on traditional tie-downs and bungee cords
  • Wraptie will not come loose on long-hauls like tie-downs and bungee cords

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He had always loved cycling and enjoyed taking his youngest child everywhere on the bike with him. Riding was easy, the tricky part was getting her in and out of the seat on the back of the bike.

He embarked on an endless search for some kind of strap that would quickly and easily hold the bike to any size post- something that was adjustable, lightweight and small.

After trying every kind of strap available - from a bungee cord to rope, there was nothing that could be used with one hand, while still holding a kid with the other, that was safe enough to hold the bike.

Paul figured that it had to be a type of thick elastic with hook and loop fasteners sewn in sections. So, it was off to the sewing shop to test the theory! And the very first prototype was born!

Not having enough funding to take a product like this to the market, Paul McNeill and his co-founder Mark Blackburn used crowdfunding as a way to launch the product.

After seeing some of the bizarre products that have launched recently they thought something as innovative as the WRAPTIE™ tie down strap was definitely worth trying!

In fact, people liked the idea so much it made 300% of the initial target for the Indiegogo crowdfunding launch! And then the demand kept growing and that's when they realised that the WRAPTIE™ had a chance.


Our guiding principle is Sustainable Innovation. Did you know that all of our WRAPTIE™ tie down straps are made using recycled plastic from bottles? We never use plastic packaging and are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint where ever we can.

WRAPTIE™ has set an ambitious target of using 1,000,000 bottle equivalent of recycled PET from waste bottles. So far we have managed to use the equivalent of more than 50,000 bottles worth of plastic.

Plastic, that would normally end up as garbage or floating in our oceans!

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